January 23, 2007

And I’m back! (1/22/07)

Although I am woefully behind on my blog – which would leave people to think that I am still in Vietnam somewhere – I am happy to report that we have returned to the States, safe and sound.

The flight home is not something I would recommend to anyone actually needing to get between two points in any sort of timely manner. Due to last minute changes on a ticket bought with frequent flyer miles, the flight home now included 3 red eye flights on 3 separate days.

Starting Jan 16 and finishing at 6:30 am on Jan 21 in Los Angeles…Tawau, Malaysia->Kuala Lumpur-> Seoul->Tokyo->Honolulu->Los Angeles. Phew!

We spent an afternoon in Tokyo – had a sushi lunch, walked around downtown. Freezing!
We also got to spend 41 hours in Waikiki. Very lovely, but much more touristy than I imagined. It was strange to be back on US soil, and we faced huge sticker shock coming from southeast Asia (the $5 hot dog and the $7.80 Quizno’s sub). I was surpised to find that I was “cold”. After being in 85-90 degree temps with 95% humidity for the last month, Hawaii seemed barely warm.

My circadian rhythms are completely chaotic, with my body thinking it was a good idea at 2 am local time to have some cereal, and fall asleep around 6am.

I will work hard to get out the rest of the stories from the trip in the next week, because I know that “real life” will take over soon (house search, job search, car search, etc), and it is all still fresh in my memory.

What an amazing adventure this trip has been!

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