February 17, 2006

Getting there is half the fun…

A 4X4 vehicle is an impressive machine. High off the road, with boxy windows and growling engines, these cars seem to be able to drive through anything.

And in large part, they do. The dirt roads going to Jungle junction were bumpy, but certainly driveable.

But after a good long rain, they turn to trenches of mud.

Piled into the back of the pickup truck with our luggage and Evelyn, a botanist from the Camp, we sat while the truck first got stuck in mud that was 2 feet deep – we had to be pulled out by another Range Rover. Mysteriously, children and men showed up within minutes of the car getting stuck, and all seemed happy to pitch in to help get the car out. Little boys especially seem to find it entertaining and try to push.

A few minutes down the road we were stuck a second time, out of the range of help. After some futile attempts at driving out of the mud patch, we all got out of the car, while our driver, covered in mud, patiently jacked up the front right wheel, then the left, and hacked off tree branches to put underneath the wheels. After diligently working for 40 minutes under the hot sun, he gunned the engine, and we crossed our fingers and hoped that he wouldn’t be the first person this season to be stranded in the mud.

I have never been happier to reach a paved road.

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  1. Sounds like you guys are having fun!

    Comment by Chuck — February 19, 2006 @ 8:33 pm

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