December 20, 2005

Too little time in Bolivia!

On a lark, we decided to go to La Paz, Bolivia for our last week in South America, in order to acclimatize to the altitude for our trip to Kilimajaro. At 12,000 ft, it is the world´s highest capital city. As soon as we got over the first few hard days of altitude adjustment, we went hiking to the top of Cerro Chacaltaya at 17,500 ft (Took me two tries…altitude sickness is really a gut and body wrenching experience).

I have found that Bolivia is such an incredible and interesting place. The traditional ways are still very strong, and country folk and urbanites merge and clash in the city.

Sadly, I don´t have time to write up our adventures here. Jonathan has done an incredible job getting into the pysche of the culture. Check out his posts here

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