December 3, 2005

Authentic Argentine Asado

I love food. I also really love seeing food prepared, and I was psyched to particpate in an asado, or an Argentine barbeque. It is some of the most delicious meat I´ve ever tasted. It is also one of the most excruciating excercises in patience I´ve endured, as it takes 2 HOURS to slowly cook the meat over the embers of wood, which first must be produced by burning up serveral logs of wood.

While we were at Rancho Lamaral, we met 2 nice guys (chicos) from Buenos Aires, Mauro and Gaston, who were on a 20 day backpacking trip. We were sitting around wondering what to do about dinner, when we all decided we wanted to barbeque. This was especially cool, since we were doing this with locals…Jonathan and I had seen Argentine barbeques in restaurants, and hotels and hostels will arrange them for guests, but this felt more authentic…like being invited to a bbq at someone´s house, instead of seeing it done at Redbones.

We piled into our Suzuki Fun to go into town to get some meat. I watched in horror as the butcher cut ribs with an enormous electric saw, barely even looking at where his hands were while it sliced efficiently through bone and tendon.

I was told that the appropriate amount of meat for an Asado was 2 kg of meat per person (1 kg if female). That´s 4.4 lbs of meat, per person. No chicken, no vegetables, nothing but beef.

I bought some rice to prepare for myself, as I was going through rice withdrawl (bread is the carb of choice). When I went to prepare it in the kitchen, I was greeted with shock and horror. You want to eat beef with rice? Really? I assured him that Chinese food was based on rice with everything, including beef, and even some vegetables. He looked a little dubious, but allowed me to keep on cooking.

Time slowed as I eagerly anticipated the succulent pieces of meat slowly cooking over glowing wood embers. But, with some good company and a glass or two of wine, soon enough it was all ready. Eating began around 11:30pm. I was so full I could barely fall asleep…


  1. i loves meat … meat good … would love togo into a beef induced coma, but that surely would be the end of my career … just a week and a half more of vet school?!?!!?

    Comment by stam — December 6, 2005 @ 3:29 pm

  2. What, no sweatbreads and blood sausages? :) Any desserts? Dulce de leche?

    Also just went to an Argentinian restaurant just the other days with my Argentinian colleagues, and yes, the main is piles of beef.

    Comment by Ken Lin — December 17, 2005 @ 3:22 am

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