November 5, 2005

The best $2 car wash ever

Before returning our rental car, we decided to get it washed. After driving on dirt and unpaved roads through mountain towns for 6 days, it looked really grimy, and we wanted to make sure it didn´t look like it had scratches before returning it to Hertz.

We pulled into the small rural town of San Augustin de Valle Fertil, and found a car wash (Lavadero). We were thinking of a quick rinse on the outside, just to remove some of the dirt and mud. When we were quoted a price of 6 pesos (US $2), we thought, fine, expecting a 5 minute wash.

We got out and stood waiting while he started with a hose. Then, he opened the doors and handed me my backpack and asked us to remove the things inside. We looked at each other, and realized he was going to clean the inside of the car as well.

After we stood for 15 minutes in the hot sun, we saw that he started to take out the floor mats and wash them. At this point, we began to grow concerned. Wet carmats would take time to dry. We told him that we were going to buy some water across the street, and he said fine, it would only be THIRTY more minutes.

Two men washed, soaped, rinsed, vacuumed and detailed the car for over 45 minutes. They cleaned the trim around the internal gasket of the trunk, the rearview mirrors, the door frames. We couldn´t believe the attention that the car was getting. I was so used to machine Scrub-a-Dubs, and those cost $10 just for a quick run through.

The car was spotless and gleamed beautifully – what a shame that it was only a rental!

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  1. I would’ve washed it in half the time and charged only 1.50 more. oh, and monkeys are flying out of my butt. i hope scrub-a-dub don’t sue you or worse, move down to Argentina. just make sure not to have a “i love goerge bush” bumper sticker anywhere on your car.

    Comment by chi 5 — November 7, 2005 @ 11:16 pm

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