August 4, 2005

Guilt trip

“For a person who is unemployed, you sure never write in your blog or email”.

That was the message on my IM that appeared on my desktop last week from my friend Sandra. Ok, you’ve got me. Nothing like a little guilt to make me update my blog.

Unemployment not withstanding, I am ridiculously busy planning all the little things that go along with a long trip. The gear list is amazingly long, and the cool travel clothes/gadgets are so tempting, that I’m afraid I’ll end up with a 80 pound pack. At the same time I am trying really hard to organize/sell/get rid of everything we own. Friends and family members have been blitzed with questions like “Do you need any furniture? Anything at all? How about an palm plant?” So far, I only have solid committments from people to take an ice cream maker, and the make-your-own-beer kit.

Yesterday I got the first in a series of three shots to protect against rabies and Japanese encephalitis – ouch, both in terms of the shot, and in terms of the full cost of the immunizations, as my annoying HMO health insurance doesn’t provide any coverage. Still, beats having rabies or hepatitis or tyhphoid or whatever in a strange land! It amazes me that travel doctors actually ever go anywhere, knowing what they know.

I can not believe that I will be leaving Boston in 23 days. Things are starting to take on a nostalgic feeling – this will be the last time I have a micro sundae at Toscanini’s, or drive down Mem drive or listen to the rustle of the wind through elm trees. I am trying to eat as much watermelon, farm fresh corn and my mom’s cooking as I can. Summer in Boston is seductive enough to make me *almost* forget the misery of the winters.

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  1. at last, a new blog entry … woohoo … how exciting, planning for your adventure … in about sixth minths, i could use some furniture and a car … don’t you want to postpone your trip?

    Comment by sandra — August 9, 2005 @ 1:06 pm

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